Gubić Tuning provides chiptuning services for all types of vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, tractors, work machines, engines, scooters, boats).

With chiptuning, we change the engine management parameters in order to achieve additional engine performance. Special maps are optimized, eg torque, fuel quantity, injection level, etc. In this way, we unleash the full potential of your engine! 

Modern engine controls have become very complex as legal requirements, for example regarding environmental protection, are becoming more and more stringent. There are not many tuners who understand these functions and know what interacts with what on maps and at what points. That is why we pay special attention to ecology, i.e. environmental protection. Based on  experience in motor sports as well as more then 25 years of experience in service, the advanced knowledge necessary to achieve the perfect result for your engine has been acquired.

It is very important that this process is carried out by a professional person with knowledge and experience, otherwise serious damage and failure of the engine may occur.

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If you have questions or need professional advice, we are happy to help!

With our professional chiptuning, we increase the performance of your engine by sticking to the factory default values. We also do not forget about fuel consumption: with the same driving style, it is even possible to reduce fule consumption. Your engine will be livelier and better adapted to you and your driving style!

After chiptuning, your vehicle will be absolutely practical for everyday driving. You can use your car as always in your daily life without any worries. With your usual driving style, your car will be more economical, i.e. it will have a reduced fuel consumption.

What is remapping?

Remapping is a calibration process or improvement of existing original maps in the program that comes from the manufacturer. By remapping we want to achieve a uniform engine operation with reduction of loss, i.e. waste of energy.
We want to make maximum use of the engine's operating level, without a negative effect on the service life, not only of the engine but also of all related assemblies.

From the whole process comes with precisely adjusted values in the program, additional power gains

Above all, modern environmental requirements are taken into account. To achieve this, our staff is highly professionally trained with large work experience and all the necessary tools both for work and for measuring everything in the development process. The whole process takes place on rollers (Dyno), with continuous monitoring and recording of data that is analyzed for the purpose of improvement.
Of course, for such work, one has to use adequate equipment from renowned manufacturers which is constantly updated and upgraded.


Our great experience and knowledge are our biggest advantage


Our tuning results are easily measurable and can always be checked.


We provide the best ratio of price and quality, the resources used and the gains in power/consumption


Actual fuel consumption depends on many factors – among others, the injection data stored in the ECU map. When designing a new engine, manufacturers create an injection map. In this process, completely unrealistic conditions are simulated, for example extremely small and thin tires, so that the resistance is as low as possible.

Unfortunately, these conditions have no basis in reality, and that's exactly where lies savings potential in remapping in real conditions. On ours roller dynamometer we can simulate a very real environment and so adjust the engine optimally. We see exactly the operating mode in which the engine consumes more fuel than it actually needs.


For older vehicles, before 2000, the EPROM (engine software memory chip) usually has to be removed and re-soldered.

In the case of vehicles manufactured from 2000 onwards, optimized software can usually be written to the engine control unit via the vehicle's OBD interface. The latest vehicle models with tuning protection are read and written using a special method. The control unit is removed and read and written with state-of-the-art BDM and boot pin devices. 

Depending on the type of vehicle, chiptuning optimization lasts from three to six working hours.



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